Utopic R

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How to install it

How it works


Approach the door
with your smartphone.


Open Porter App
and tap button to unlock.


Porter authorizes your
smartphone and opens the door.

Main Features

Omnipresent control

Maintain control of your
door wherever you are.

Data in real-time

Be notified in real-time when
individuals access a space.

Share virtual keys

Create and manage keys for
everybody through the Dashboard.


Porter integrates with your
proprietary software.

  • batteries
    Rechargeable lithium battery

  • diameter
    58 mm

  • length
    60 mm
    (excluding cylinder)

  • weight
    0.4 Kg

Utopic R

in stock.


Can I use it?

Can i use it?

This lock is compatible with most doors in Europe.

To apply this lock your door must have anĀ  Euro Profile Cylinder hole and be a basculating door.

  • Hotels & apartements
  • Offices & Coworking
  • Gyms & Parking Lots

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