Payment Methods

Find out more about our payment method policy…

  1. Is it safe to buy online with you?
    YES, Security is a cornerstone of Porter Online Shop policy! All our transactions are made through time-tested, safe and encrypted online payment providers. All  your confidential data is transmited in an encrypted channel from the shop to the payment gateway and through out the payment process!
  2. What  forms of payment do accept?
    At this time, we accept payments made through Paypal and Stripe. We are determined in broadening our payment options to encompass more payment gateways and/or banking solutions therefor, in the near future, we will provide more payment methods to our customers.
  3. Do you save my credit card information?
    Porter Online Shop does not save any information about your credit card. But, the payment gateways that we use to charge the order to your bank account do. THere is no reason to be afraid since Payapl are safe and secure forms of internet payments!
  4. I want to pay with credit card “XXXXXX”, can I do it?
    If your credit card is suppported by Paypal or Stripe, yes we accept payment with that credit card! If your credit card isn’t supported by our payment gateways then, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any payment with that card.
  5. Is the a limit to the number of locks that I can buy?
    Yes, it is a security issue… In order to protect the user and online shop, we are limiting for the time being the amount of locks that you can buy in order to 5. If you are interested in adquiring more then 5 locks, please contact us directly.