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Who we are

Porter Systems was established in 2017 at Netherlands by Leonardo Lino, former R&D Director of an innovative data security company and Pedro Esteves, a Software Engineer and former CTO of several technological startups.

Porter aims making access control for all kind of spaces simple, secure and accessible to everyone, by making it an important part of people’s daily lives.

Our aim is to be a a smart keyless system that allows a users to open doors and the owners can manage the access control of there locks.

Doors have worked the same way for many years. Place a lock on it and give a key to those you want opening it. But now tenant and employee turnaround has increased, plus new models have appeared such as coworking spaces. This has dramatically increased the problem of door key distribution and re-acquisition.

We take this concept further and allow a user to access different types of infrastructure using a single mobile app.

Leonardo Lino

Leonardo Lino


Pedro Esteves

Pedro Esteves


Our Goal

Is to be a user’s personal digital keychain, controlling access to all of his privates places. In the futur we aim to be the Uber for Keys, where a single app opens the door for your hotel, office or allows you to park in a parking garage.

While our aim is to be a software layer, we will actively seek to install hardware on buildings or equipments that currently do not support bluetooth.

We work to make the management of keys and access control simple and painless.

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There are new hardware manufacturers constantly emerging with new products. We see this as a key advantage.

We welcome hardware manufactures to join us, our goal is to provide an unified plataform for hardware in the access control ecosystem.

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